Special Graduate Diploma


1. Specialist Graduate Diploma in Elderly Care Management (SGDECM)
2. Specialist Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Management (SGDRM)
3. Specialist Graduate Diploma in Child Protection (SGDCP)
4. Specialist Graduate Diploma in Medical Social Work (SGDMSW)
5. Specialist Graduate Diploma in Voluntary & Non-Governmental Organisation Management (SGDVNGOM)
6. Specialist Graduate Diploma in Charity, Philanthropy and Fundraising Management (SGDCPFM)

Programmes Mode

Keynote lectures, seminars, tutorials, material for self-directed learning, e-learning, and workshops will form part of learning based provision. Students will be required to link formal learning to their practice and will be encouraged to build on existing skills/develop new skills to consolidate their learning across the academic and professional practice fields. Skills, values and knowledge will be developed through group discussions, group’s tutorials, presentations and practice learning opportunities. The courses draw on the expertise of faculties that have considerable experiences in practice and education. The overarching teaching and learning strategies will enable students to develop cognitive skills which are appropriate to independent learning and postgraduate study.
A range of assessment methods will include essays, presentations, case studies, practice observation, reflective writing, practice portfolios, and personal development files. Assessment in practice will be by portfolio, reflective accounts and practice focus academic/professional study. Line manager and university tutors, will be involved in the assessment processes.

Why this programmes?

In the challenging specialism, it is necessary that practitioners have distinct opportunities to develop their learning, practice and education to enhance their skills and knowledge. These programmes are specific pathways for practitioners in social work and social care and aims to build on their professional experience. Students will be able to work towards specializing as experts in any of the various specialisations. Practitioners will also be able to evidence their learning in each module in order to meet relevant CPD standards of ISOWN and other international social work requirements for practice, renewals and registration.


These programmes are aimed at practitioners in employment who may wish to advance their career in social work and social care practice. Students who are enrolled in these courses will be eligible for any international travel opportunities relevant to their study.
Duration: 9 – 12 Months Click the links below to download Admission Information and Form for the respective programmes :