Membership Categories


The membership of the Institute is drawn from persons who are desirous of becoming social workers, practicing social workers, students, etc. holding any of the following qualification; Bachelor degree /HND or equivalent Professional qualification with experience, PGD, MSW, M.Sc, M.A, M.Phil, PhD in Social Work. And Professional Post Graduate Diploma in Social Work awarded by the Institute or other recognized Certificates acceptable to the Council.

Categories of Membership

  • Graduate Membership
  • Associate Membership
  • Full member
  • Fellow
  • Doctoral Fellow
  • Corporate Membership

Category of Membership Applies To ( I – IV)

Membership Categories i – iv is subject to the Institute’s Governing Council decision, prospective members should; be 18 years of age and above; have not been convicted in any court of law; should be of sound mind and also; should be a responsible citizen. Those granted direct membership concession and given pre-induction training are those who holds minimum of B.Sc. or HND Social Work discipline for not less than 3years. As the Institute commences its professional examination, those with lower qualification would have to go through the Professional Diploma in Social Work in order to qualify for registration as an affiliate, while graduates of any discipline other than Social Work shall be required to undergo the Post Graduate Professional Diploma prior to their registration. The membership strength of the Institute presently stands at over 3,000 from both public and private sectors.

Qualification for Membership – Holders of:

  • Degree /HND in Social Work with requisite experience in core Social Work practice are admitted into various categories of membership with upgrading opportunities after series of CPD training
  • And any other qualification acceptable to the Council


1. Obtain, fill and return form with credentials. Application form is N10k (surface copy form available at our operational offices or could be downloaded from our website, 2. Applications veted. Candidates are categorized into two entry pathways:
a. Graduate Membership pathway: this is for NON-HOLDERS OF SOCIAL WORK QUALIFICATION(S) including fresh graduates of Social work of less than three years post graduation. Such will be invited for a 5days workshop @ N55k and then would write qualifying examination SWPCE PE I & II @ N55k. On passing the required examination, candidate shall then be invited for Induction at any available induction program.
b. Direct Membership: this is for holders of SOCIAL WORK QUALIFICATION. Such participate in 3days mandatory workshop @ N35k. Then would be exempted from PE I but write qualifying examination, SWPCE II @ N55k (including exemption fee) on Successful completion of qualifying examination, Candidates shall then be invited for induction at any available induction program.
Thank you.
Head Membership/Professional Services