Chartered Institute Of Social Work Practitioners


In fulfillment of the legal requirements of every responsible organization seeking to carry on its stated objectives in Nigeria, the Institute of Social Work of Nigeria applied for and was duly incorporated. It is the desire of the institute to move beyond the level of incorporation to operate as a Chartered Institute. Presently the Chartering Bill has been duly enacted into Law by both chambers of the National Assembly.The Institute hopes and believes that before long it will receive its ‘Charter’ with Assent from Mr President.

Objective of the Chartered Status

  • To adequately position the Institute to carry out its stated objectives without limitation
  • To provide legal and unrestricted acceptance of Certificates issued by the Institute.
  • To ensure the rapid development of Social Work

Practice in Nigeria

The need to grant the chartered status is justifiable socially, economically and politically. Economically, the Nigerian economy needs positive re-direction for enhanced social development. Multi-disciplinary social work practice offers a home grown initiative directed at paradigm shift to social welfare administration mindset. While building up capacity in human resources that will make optimum utilization of the resources possible and which will also impact on the overall standard of living of Nigerian people. The high level of social vices and the increasing degree of mortality could be traced to the absence of an effective, well-articulated and regulated social work practice in the country. The increasing rate of mortality has a negative impact on the socio-economic life of Nigeria. Socially, it would impact on the professional specialization which provides the much needed specialist input and touch into social work practice for improved service delivery and enhanced human dignity. Being a new door of professionalism it would provide employment for teaming Nigerians. Gainful employment is a means reducing social pressure. Job security would also be guaranteed as corporate mortality would be reduced. Politically, Nigeria needs a lot to improve and booster her international confidence and credibility as a nation capable of managing resources and fighting social vices and societal problems. A sound social work system as a national policy would support the national quest for international acceptance. This would encourage human capital development in the country.